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Mom & Baby Coaching

Most women who become pregnant are already quite familiar with that oh so lengthy list of DON’Ts. But what about all those things that you CAN and SHOULD be doing?!

Liza Tennant

It’s never too late for you to start!

Pregnancy doesn’t have to equal feeling miserable, and I will show you how it is possible to negate nearly all of the common-known adverse symptoms associated with expecting. Learn the secrets to a beautiful pregnancy, and create a brilliant, unique-to-you birth plan!

In my program, we will unlock that amazing “Mommy potential” inside of you that is already there! You have been blessed with everything you need to carry, birth and care for 3531ED32-C544-469F-9E77-D276934CC2E9@homeyour child.

Together, we will investigate what we’ve been told by friends, doctors, or family members and discuss better alternatives for creating the best protective shield for that fragile little life that will be growing inside you. I will suggest lots of helpful reading, videos, recipes and more to help you along your beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Each trimester we’ll focus on building specific things into our babies and we need to make sure that we are giving our bodies the adequate nutrition means they get the proper fuel to grow to their fullest potential.

We will also discuss how as mothers and fathers we need to inform ourselves before birth about hospital procedures and how to keep our newborns safe, unmedicated, and close to us.

A few important facts about breastmilk:

Breastmilk contains many antibiotics to keep nursing babies healthy

Breastmilk matures and develops babies gut and immune system which are not mature or developed at birth. 

Breastmilk is key to healthy thyroid growth. The thyroid only grows once in our lives and if it’s stunted your immune system will be stunted. Breastmilk gives you a healthy thyroid among other things.

My 6-month program is also an ideal gift for any woman interested in optimizing their health pre-pregnancy and throughout their pregnancy. Gaining this basic knowledge of nutrition is imperative and will directly and positively influence herself and her future children.